Tuckpointing: When Your Home Needs It

Bricks. We know them. We see them. And we probably even have one in our home ourselves! And if you do, you should know they don’t only last you a good century, but they also make for a very beautiful structure, do they not?

Sure they do. Unless the mortar that’s holding it suddenly fails. 

And, dear readers, there are a number of reasons to why it does. Maybe it’s been too long, and everything deteriorates with time eventually. Faulty application or workmanship can be the culprit. Extreme weather conditions and moisture absorption can also make the mortar take a turn for the worse. Or the one thing that’s holding the bricks together finally caved from the pressure. There are a lot of causes, but it all boils down to one thing.

 A compromised structure.

That’s when you know you need tuckpointing, dear readers. But what exactly is tuckpointing?

It’s pretty simple, actually! To keep it short, the mason clears the original mortar out of the way, then they fill the gaps with new mortar! Then, they apply putty to keep it there. You can do it yourself, but it’s best to get a professional mason so it doesn’t go wrong. You can always call your local tuckpointing company for the best results!

Cool, right? And it’s way more convenient than replacing the whole brick wall (which still probably gets the job done). It’s easier on the wallet, and way more economical. 

Not to mention, it looks extremely good on any home. Just slap on a tuck point brick and it will look as good as new. Like it never deteriorated from the elements over time. And who doesn’t want a restoration that doesn’t break the bank? And with regular tuckpointing (well, actually, you don’t need to do it that regularly! One procedure could last you with decades to spare.) and maintenance, it will stay that way. Your property’s  value will also increase if you’re looking to sell it in the market.

So, how do you know you need a tuckpointing company to do the work for you? It’s easy! We’ll give you a rundown to help you with it.

It’s Been A Long Time Since Then

Mortar can hold its own for until 25-30 years. A pretty long time to make the best of it, but it doesn’t have to end there. The masonry could look flawless and untouched throughout the years, with a simple tuckpointing procedure! It’s that easy.

Loose Mortar

If there’s bits of mortar granules, or there are patches of mortar missing in the structure, tuck point brick is a good way to deal with it. It can hide the imperfections by removing the mortar completely and applying new ones. It gives a new appearance with crisp-looking masonry.


Leaks are a horror for any house owner. And with compromised mortar, water can get into the brick’s system pretty quickly. Bricks can probably endure the brunt of it, but the mortar is a different story. It could corrode even more, especially if it’s already falling apart in the first place.

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